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Leaders Need To Deliver Inspiration Now More Than Ever. Polymath Sekou Andrews Is Here To Help By Shane Snow March 26th 2020 Excerpts: "Sekou has been performing spoken word poetry for 17 years. He’s won two National Poetry Slams. He’s performed for the Obamas in Oprah Winfrey’s back yard. He’s got that Grammy nominated album. And he performs at business conferences around the world.But here’s the thing—Sekou is never the entertainment at business conferences. He’s not the poet version of Counting Crows strumming old hits to a ballroom full of tipsy sales bros at Sirius Decisions. No. When Sekou Andrews shows up, he’s the keynote.The fact that a spoken word poet can become a highly-sought corporate speaker is itself intriguing. But it’s also meta. One of the main topics Sekou speaks about is innovation, and how businesses can change their industries by blending things that previously went uncombined. Which is exactly what he does when he delivers a keynote in Poetic Voice." "'This art form of spoken word poetry has the ability to deliver dense amounts of business information in a highly human and inspiring way,' Sekou explains. He says his purpose is to help pave a path for others to do just that, and he now trains both poets and public speakers in his techniques." "What’s clear, though, is like Einstein and the Beatles, like FedEx and Mrs. Fields—and every other trailblazer that was initially dismissed—Sekou Andrews shows us how innovation is about exploring the unexpected." Read the FULL ARTICLE, including Sekou's answers to Shane's questions!


Sekou Andrews Says He Built a 7-Figure Company Through Poetry. Here's How By Cedric Thornton March 23, 2020 Excerpts: "Using creativity to build a business is one of the best ways to become successful in business. Sekou Andrews has found a way to use the art of spoken word to help inspire others to reach their peak, be it through performance or speaking engagements. Andrews recently made history by becoming the first poet to be nominated for a Grammy Award in 12 years. He lost to Michelle Obama." "What’s the most important thing to do to prepare when doing speaking engagements? The most important thing to prepare before any speech is your mindset. There are hundreds of techniques I teach public speakers, but all of them can be sabotaged or enhanced by the speaker’s mindset. My Stage Might™ system teaches leaders how to approach every stage with the confident mindset that they are mightier than any mistakes they make." "What inspires you to inspire others? I may find inspiration in things like the works of another poet or a breathtaking sunset, but what’s important is that I’m always intentionally seeking it and harnessing it instantaneously in order to inspire others with it later. In my upcoming book on the power of inspiration, I teach that inspiration is circular. So, how I inspired someone previously may be what inspires me to be inspiring to the next person." Read the FULL ARTICLE here to see more of Cedric's and Sekou's interview!


The Sekou Effect By Cathleen Yates May 3 2018 Excerpts: "What Sekou offers is not simply motivational speaking; it is poetic voice, a blend of inspiration and spoken word poetry with the goal of moving people’s hearts and minds in new ways. He’s in demand across the country, addressing industries from tech to medical to entertainment, then graduation ceremonies and non-profit groups." "Every time someone says I don’t get it, it becomes incumbent on you to help them get it,” he says. “Which means you have to laser-focus your language, your intention, your purpose, your direction, your value and your brand. The WIFM (what’s in it for me) factor. I think I was able to do that successfully, more than other artists, because I’ve always been half artist, half entrepreneur." "What he is can be just as important as what he isn’t. 'I’m diabetes on Monday and cloud computing on Tuesday,' Sekou says, 'I’m not the guy that speaks on social media Monday through Friday to multiple companies. I’m not the guy that speaks on mortgage lending Monday through Friday to multiple companies. I’m diabetes on Monday, cloud computing on Tuesday, shoes on Wednesday, and real estate on Thursday. So when people are mystified on how I’m able to make such an impact across industries, I’m never speaking to industries, I’m speaking to human beings. Under the suits and ties, we’re all the same with hopes and dreams.'” "But even when he was booked as entertainment, the feedback he received was, 'You gave us more value than half our speakers,' and, 'You captured our message better than we were able to.'” Read the FULL ARTICLE here to see the rest of the Cathleen and Sekou's interview!